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We match CROs to qualified reviewers

CROs: Need radiologists, oncologists, or other specialists?

Global Radiology Readers Inc. works with you to help fill your CRO’s reviewer needs. Focus on perfect trial execution for your clients, not on finding qualified physicians. Don’t let a non-core competency dictate your trial success.

Why Choose Global Radiology Readers Inc?

Combined, we have over 60 years of experience in the healthcare industry. As physicians, lawyers, and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry, we recognize and appreciate the knowledge and expertise physicians possess, the importance of medical advancement, and the value add to society in ensuring CROs / Sponsors have access to highly qualifies and skilled reviewers. We work with CROs to ensure they have access to highly qualified reviewers in the United States and internationally.

CROs need your skills for their clinical trials.

Monetize your expertise while sharpening your skills working on cutting edge trials. Contribute back to the profession and society by participating in the medical advancement process. Global Radiology Readers Inc. works with Contract Research Organizations who need your expertise to advise on various clinical trials.

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